I have all my work done at the dealer. Won’t I lose my warranty?

No, you won’t lose your warranty. In fact we’ll save you money. Most people think it is reasonable to get a second opinion when it comes to expensive repairs. If you get a quote over one thousand dollars, give us a call. We can perform factory service on your NEW car without affecting your factory warranty!

I take my car to Jiffy Lube and I am completely happy.

Jiffy Lube is a great place. We are in business to take care of the 99% of the things they can’t or don’t. We can take care of your oil changes as well as your regular maintenance issues. We’re a one stop shop!

I buy my tires at BJ’s or Costco.

BJ’s is a fine place, and so is Sam’s or Costco. You know, you don’t go to BJ’s for a root canal… you go to a specialist. We would be delighted to provide tires for your vehicle, but we are much more than a tire store.

Do you rebuild transmissions on site?

We handle a wide range of complicated tasks, but draw the line here. Much like other professionals, we subcontract out some aspects of the automobile repair business.

Radio personalities are always talking about T.S.B.’s. Do you know about this?

A T.S.B. or Technical Service Bulletin is the functional equivalent of a bulletin board for mechanics. Of course we have a computerized facility. Please note a T.S.B. is not an end-all. It is a good guideline to assist in troubleshooting.

Can you drop me off at the Metro?

We try to be reasonable here. Generally speaking, if you work in the area, we can return you to your company in the morning.

I need to drop off the car and drive to Baltimore.

We have an Enterprise Car Rental site close to our facility and our happy to make those arrangements for you or assist you with their information.

Can I drop off my car after I get off work?

Yes, we have envelopes in a box outside. You fill it out and drop keys though the night drop. Simple and convenient!

How will I be informed about my vehicle?

We are very proud of the way we communicate with our clients. We give estimates before any work is performed and are happy to answer any questions you have, any time you have them.