Many Northern Virginia mothers and fathers are about to begin another year of heading to the carpool lanes at their local schools. Here are some common sense guidelines for keeping your carpool running smoothly.

  1. Talk to your children about carpool manners as well as safety issues before the school year begins. Be sure to remind them to obey the driver at all times.
  2. When others are driving, be sure your children are ready in plenty of time to meet the car when it arrives.
  3. Avid holding extended chats with the driver in the morning; remember they are under pressure to get the children to school on time.
  4. When you are the driver, take great care to be on time.
  5. At the school, don’t get out of your car to chat with others when waiting in the carpool lanes. This stresses other drivers. Wait and park to talk.
  6. Be gracious and cooperative with your school’s carpool captains. Follow the rules. This makes their job much easier.
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