You can ensure a maximum transfer of power from your engine to your wheels with BG Drive Line service.


The drive line is that part of your car’s drive train between the transmission and wheels. Drive line systems can be very different depending on whether your car is front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel or four-wheel drive.

Over time, gear oil can break down and become contaminated. This can lead to the formation of deposits, worn gears and even major repair costs.

Unfortunately, your car’s drive line system is often overlooked by some maintenance packages. At Tysons Auto Specialties, however, our professionals don’t ignore this critical component of your automobile.

The BG Drive Line Service guarantees the smooth, quiet operation of axles, transfer cases, and gears for front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles.

This premium BG drive line service from Tysons Auto Specialities provides:

  • Overall economy
  • Optimized efficiency
  • Improved performance
  • While protecting your drive line against wear, pitting and corrosion.

Click on the picture above and then click on the gears icon for a brief video on this service.

Don’t let your drive line system suffer from being “out of sight, out of mind.” Protect your car with BG premium service from Tysons Auto Specialties.

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