Did You Know? Gas prices are high. Have you thought about a “staycation” this year?
Virginia, Maryland and DC offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy your summer without going too far from home.

Mid-Atlantic families, like the rest of the nation, are experiencing record-high gas prices. This is causing many to re-think how they will use their free time this summer. So if you are one of those in the mood for a “Staycation” – relaxing at home and taking some local one-day trips, there are few areas equal to this one!

History, wineries, museums, theme parks, scenic sights, the mountains – Whatever you enjoy, our region’s resources for fun, relaxation and entertainment are almost inexhaustible.

Obviously, DC’s offerings are so well known we hardly need to rehearse them. Ironically, for most of us in the area, we rarely visit the sites others travel thousands of miles to see. Maybe this summer is a good time to re-discover Washington. In addition to the multiple Smithsonian attractions, have you visited the Spy or Holocaust museums? The city also has a number of great restaurants that will not only provide a meal but a memory.

For Virginia and Maryland, the opportunities are manifold! The key is to find good resources for planning your trip.

In the Commonwealth, a great resource is the 2012 Virginia Hospitality and Travel Guide. You can order the guide at their website vhta.org or see a virtual copy online by clicking here. Another great site is “Virginia is for Lovers” at www.virginia.org.

For Maryland events and attractions, don’t miss visiting www.visitmaryland.org. They also have a great travel guide located at www.marylandbeautiful.com.

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