Monthly Car Care Tip

It may be time to change your car’s cabin filter

Have you ever experienced headaches, allergic reactions or breathing problems while riding in your car, the problem may be your cabin air filter.

These filters clean incoming air and remove allergens, such as pollen, smoke, dust, bacteria and exhaust gases, that can attack a person’s immune system as well cause health issues.

These filtration systems are currently used in more than 80% of all domestic and import vehicles. Sometimes these contaminants can become so concentrated inside a vehicle that passengers breathe in more fumes and particles than if they were walking down the street.

The Car Care Council recommends that the cabin air filter be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. If the filter is not changed, it can become restricted which can cause problems with the heating and cooling of the vehicle.

Most filters are located in the HVAC housing, located under the hood or through an access panel in the dashboard. The trained technicians at Tysons Automotive can easily take care of replacing this filter in accordance with the owner’s manual, should your vehicle need this service.

This Car Care tip is courtesy of the Car Care Council (Car Care Council)

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