Regular Brake Fluid Service is vital to maximizing your stopping power.

Call us now! The professionals at Tysons Auto Specialties are ready and able to provide you with their premium BG Brake Fluid Service.

Sometimes we forget that our car uses brake fluid to push the brake pads against the brakes. And just like the other fluids in your automobile, it requires regular service.

Brake fluid can attract moisture or become contaminated, reducing braking performance. In some cases brake calipers may even need to be replaced.

The professionals at Tysons Auto Specialties use a special test strip to determine if your fluid is continuing to function properly in your braking system.

When it’s time for brake fluid service, we will completely replace your existing fluid with a premium high temperature DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid from BG.

Click on the picture above and then click the stop sign icon on the right side for a brief video about this service.
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Good braking is important to successfully navigate Northern Virginia traffic. Have confidence in your stopping power by allowing the professionals at Tysons Auto Specialties to check your brake fluid and see if it is time for service.

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