The Buds are on the trees and there’s something in the air telling us that Spring is just around the corner!

Now is the time to prepare your car for the warmer weather ahead.

We experienced some heavy winter weather. Navigating icy roads, losing traction and getting stuck made this season especially hard on our cars.

Your transmission may need servicing!

Now is a good time to schedule a BG Transmission flush at Tysons Auto Specialties!

Transmission fluid cleans and protects hundreds of moving parts in your engine transmission. Not only does fluid need to be changed, but varnish, gums, and other deposits build up over time and need to be removed.

Call Tom today for an appointment by March 30 and take advantage of this very special offer!

Normally, a BG Transmission flush, is priced at $199.95. During this special you can received this premium service for just $129.95.

Don’t delay – call now for this limited-time offer! (703) 893-1860

Go to and click on the “gear shift” icon to see the benefits of this service.

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