“That’s easy… half full!” Alison Lynch is a business optimist who sees opportunities not problems and never sees the glass half-empty. This optimism has served her well in the intense world of entrepreneurship.

As Director of Marketing and Operations, Alison has combined her optimism with 15 years of experience in venture development in putting her new company – Driveway2Driveway – on the map in the mid-Atlantic area.

Driveway2Driveway is a new and convenient concept for selling your automobile. You simply sign up to sell your car with them and they do all the work.

Their comprehensive concierge service:

  • Takes pictures of the vehicle
  • Provides pricing recommendations
  • Advertises your car online (AutoTrader, Cars.com, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace & Twitter)
  • Manages all buyer inquiries
  • Conducts test drives
  • Presents qualified offers
  • Ensures an accurate and secure closing

All of this is provided for a sign-up fee of $49 and a concierge fee of $350 when you sell your car.

No wonder Alison is excited about applying her background and expertise in Marketing and Development for this unique business roll-out.

“We save you time and money in selling your car while making the process safe and hassle-free.”

Born in San Francisco, Alison was an “Army brat,” as she describes it, and grew up on military bases both here in the U.S and other parts of the world. This gave her the opportunity to attend St. Stephens International School in Rome, Italy then graduate from Springfield H.S. in Springfield, VA. She received a degree in Political Science from Longwood University.

Her multi-disciplinary background includes work in the venture capital industry and as an entrepreneur.

She was a Director at Columbus Ventures and IMS Ventures, both early stage venture capital firms, where she was responsible for identifying and qualifying potential investment opportunities.

Alison got her entrepreneurial start as Operations Manager for Intelligent Interactions. Intelligent Interactions developed one of the first ad serving technologies for the Internet and was acquired by 24/7 Media and subsequently conducted a successful IPO in 1998.

Prior to joining Driveway2Drvieway, Alison held sales and marketing positions at Capitol Catering and Design Cuisine. Her extensive experience has enabled her to join the firm and make an immediate contribution whether in operations, administration, marketing, or businesses development.

When she is not networking or involved in business development initiatives, Alison enjoys hanging around her house in Alexandria with her two four-legged friends, Abby & Rufus, reading or having drinks with friends.

“I also love to travel,” Alison says. “I have a 29 foot motor home and, at one point, at took off for six months and just traveled the U.S.”

In her role as Director of Affiliate Programs, Alison is responsible for a wide variety of marketing and business activities that bring new customers to Driveway2Driveway.

Even though Alison doesn’t deal directly with the automotive side of the business, she is often asked car-related questions. When someone wants to know who she would recommend to repair and maintain a vehicle, there is only one answer: “Call Tom Ivey at Tysons Auto Specialties.”

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