Ahoy, friends of Tysons Auto Specialties. Not only does Andy Reiman enjoy sailing on the Chesapeake, he is also captain of the “USS Modern Image.” Instead of scanning the horizons out at sea, Modern Image is a company that specializes in scanning services for medical records, financial files, legal documents and many others.

For Andy Reiman, the 9-11 event in our nation’s history could also be considered the launching pad for a new direction in his career. Prior to that, he spent his days helping companies solve their Systems Management issues. After 9-11, he worked closely with government and law enforcement to help them scan and understand the contents of documents seized in Afganistan and around the world. He also worked very closely with the FBI, assisting them in processing millions of documents seized from Enron.

The implementation and use of scanning technologies fit Reiman quite well. In 2006 he began Modern Image, offering scanning services to businesses, associations and the government. This past February he sold his first franchise, opening in New Orleans.

A graduate of the University of Georgia, he has continued to adopt their “Bulldog” attitude in his business, providing a hands-on approach in serving his clients. His goal is to save them both time and money through developing the most efficient scanning operation possible. He is trained and certified by the Kodak Document Capture team, as well as Fujitsu Scanner team, and a variety of other technologies.

In addition to helping customers develop a more paperless environment in their offices, Reiman takes great pleasure in knowing that he is helping them archive important and sometimes even historic documents. “This is especially true in offering our services to organizations that I care about deeply,” he states, “such as scanning the archives of our synagogue, materials that are used to prevent cruelty to animals and the archives of a foster care agency. Helping these people become more effective gives me a great deal of joy.”

His goal is to grow Modern Image into a successful, multinational corporation providing a variety of paperless office services and technologies. He seems well on his way.

When Reiman is not developing Modern Image, you can find him cycling or sailing. He is an endurance cyclist. In fact, a few years ago he completed a 209 mile ride in one day. He is also learning to sail, recently purchasing his first sailboat, a 25 footer docked on the Chesapeake.

Reiman met Tom Ivey of Tysons Auto Specialties through Business Networking International (BNI). When asked about Tom and Tysons Auto, Andy said, “Tom’s the best customer service guy in Northern Virginia. That’s why I regularly refer people to him.”

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Andy and his wife, Michele currently live in McLean with their two children.

For more information about Modern Image, you can visit their website at: www.modernimageusa.com.

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