brendan murphyIf you are in business, you either have a story to tell or a product to sell. Either way, Brendan Murphy can help you do just that. His company, REVisuals, creates videos that feature local businesses; their products, services and their story.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Brendan’s videos are priceless in their ability to creatively communicate your message to current and potential clients through the web, email, TV commercials or on DVD.

Brendan has been in or around online marketing since 1993, when he worked for America Online (later simply AOL) in content production and later in marketing. The changes and layoff’s at AOL affected him in 2000, when he went to work for Convergitec Communications in Ashburn, VA.

“I have always loved technology,” he commented, “and using it in creative ways. When I went to work for Convergitec, I did everything from designing and installing small biz phone systems to managing their web commerce.”

In 2008 he decided to follow his dream of establishing his own company, REVisuals. Through REVisuals, he is able to offer clients his expertise, providing a visual approach to marketing, something that was already trending as a critical component in a company’s messaging strategy.

Not only does Brendan offer insight and approaches based on his years in marketing, he also is committed to providing personalized service, custom fit to the client’s needs and goals.

“When I work with a client,” he said, “they have my undivided attention. I first get to know their products or services so that the final production will accurately represent their business. During the time we work together, I want them to feel like I am a part of their company sharing the same goals of growing and promoting their work.”

REVisuals provides their client with a total turnkey operation, shoot video and still photographs, recording voice overs, creating graphics, and then editing it all together into a visual presentation that can be used in a variety of formats.

A DC native, Brendan is a graduate of the University of Maryland and moved to the Virginia side in 1996. He and his wife, Gail, have two children, a son who is 12 and a daughter, 9. When he is not shooting or editing video footage, Brendan likes the outdoors, whether it’s boating, fishing or waterskiing on the Chesapeake or cycling.

He also enjoyed flying gliders before his children came along and would love to do that again if he could. Ask if he had one little-talked-about life goal, he said, “Yes… cycling across the U.S.”

Since starting REVisuals in 2008, Brendan’s goal has been to provide a quality product for his client that always gets a little better with each project. “I strive hard to earn that look of pleasant surprise when a client sees the video I have created for them.  I want them to be excited about the finished product and feel they got more than they thought was possible.”

Brendan has been a loyal customer of Tysons Auto Specialties for eight years after finding them online.

“I take all 3 of my cars there because I know I am getting straight answers and good work from Tom and his team,” he stated.

“When I first found Tyson’s Auto Specialties a mechanic friend in Maryland reviewed the work they did for me and the price they charged. He told me this was a good shop – to stick with them.  He was right.”

“The customer service is rock solid. They don’t put on a show with fancy waiting rooms and free Starbucks. They simply treat you right, with respect for your time, and they get right to the job at hand.  If it’s not perfect the first time, there is no debate, they fix it ASAP.”

Are you interested in talking to Brendan about a possible video project? You can stop by his website at to view some of the sample of his fine work and learn more about ways the he can help you tell your story in a powerful way. To schedule a meeting to learn more, simply email him at

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