When Dennis Shefski asks, “How can I help you,” he really means it.

After more than 35 years helping individuals and families, with 16 years of that time as an insurance agent, he has developed a reputation with his clients and constituents for outstanding personal service.

He previously represented the National Association of the Self Employed before joining Insphere Insurance Solutions.

“Instead of 2 insurance companies I now represent 14,” he said, “and some of these are carriers that other agents don’t have access to. We are the nation’s largest insurance broker/agency. I provide Life insurance, Health Insurance, Medicare supplements, Disability Insurance, Long-term Care Insurance, Annuities, and Supplemental Insurance.”

Insphere, which specializes in small business and the middle-income market, is an authorized agency in all 50 states and the District of Columbia with approximately 2,600 agents nationwide.

The technology used in searching out policies is superior and the life policies can be put together so that if the person lives past an age that we specify in the policy, they will get the money invested returned in the form of monthly income with about 8% compound interest. It’s a combo of Life, investment and retirement. Pretty cool.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, and Navy veteran, he and his wife, Robbin (Yes, with 2 b’s as he likes to remind people) were married in 2002. A member of St. Andrews Society and the Scottish American Military Society, their wedding was appropriately held at a castle in Scotland. One stepson is now out on his own.

Dennis is also a member of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Jaguar Auto Club. When he’s not serving his clients or networking with business associates, he enjoys bike riding, baseball, gardening, travel, reading.

Dennis met Tom Ivey through his wife, who was a part of his BNI group and has been a satisfied customer for five years.

The most important thing I like about Tom’s place is that I can trust him and his technicians. He would never do me wrong. If something is not right – and it almost always is – he makes it

Tom saved me $900 on a brake job that I was going to get done at a dealer. Tom is not just the man who takes care of my cars; he is the man that I send others to.”

Dennis Shefski is at your service for all your insurance needs. You can reach him at dshefski@gmail.com.

“What satisfies me the most is helping a client get what they need when they could not have done it on their own. I want to them to know that I have their best interest at heart. I can help them through a time putting insurance together.”

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