It’s one thing for a website to look good; it’s another for it to work well. If you want to know the difference, Don Cranford from Katalyst Solutions can help you.

Don began Katalyst Solutions in 2004 to provide businesses in the region with comprehensive web design services that takes a site way beyond looking “pretty.” With a background in product management and development, programming proficiency and an eye for what works online, he is able to deliver a stable website that is technically sound and able to achieve the desired marketing goals for a company.

“Katalyst Solutions not only designs and develops websites,” Cranford said. “We can optimize those sites to drive more traffic from search engines, such as Google, through search engine optimization. We also build sites for e-commerce as well as provide content management solutions so our clients can update information themselves.”

“I am very knowledgeable of ‘open source’ solutions, which helps me to create powerful solutions for my client much quicker and cost effectively. I develop using the latest in web standards, which makes the websites more accessible to impaired users as well as to search engines.”

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Don had a chance to travel, living for six months in Germany during his junior year of high school and for the summer after college graduation. He is a double degree graduate of Texas A&M (Go Aggies!) with a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing as well as a BBA in Finance.

He has worked in the telecommunications world since 1993. Before beginning Katalyst Solutions, he worked for Global Internet Services where he started a web development division for the company. Prior to that, Don was in product management and product development in the Marketing department at Cable & Wireless, a global telecom and internet company.

Don and his wife, Hallie, were married in 1993 and moved to Northern Virginia three years later. They have three children and currently live in Sterling. When he is not developing website, you can find Don out for a run, camping or even playing the guitar. He and his family are also very involved in their local church – Gateway Community Church.

He first met Tom Ivey of Tysons Auto Specialties in 2003 at a meeting of the Vienna Business Network, a chapter of Business Networking International (BNI) where he is still very active. When asked why he uses Tysons Auto for his auto repair needs, Don said, “I feel that I can really trust them.”

“I really appreciate that they provide good, sound advice and can help you make an informed decision about prioritizing repairs and maintenance on your vehicle given your goals and budget. Tysons Auto provides a very high quality, personalized service that you can trust and can count on.”

Don’s vision is to build Katalyst Solutions into the top website development company on the East Coast. “Our goal is to help you have a successful online web presence… to help you grow your business through your website and achieve your goals.”

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