When you think of Aflac, you immediately think of “the duck” that covers those things major medical doesn’t, including such things as your mortgage, groceries, transportation and deductibles. Eric McGinley is hoping that you’ll immediately think of him at the very same time.

As an associate with Aflac, he is at your service to provide supplemental insurance products that provide cash to individuals if they get sick or hurt.

“Six out of ten American workers do not have a financial plan in place to deal with an unexpected and costly life event such as a medical emergency,” Eric stated. “Supplemental Insurance provides cash to help take care of “out of pocket” expenses.”

Eric is committed to a person-centered approach in business, making sure he understands his client’s personal goals so that he can suggest the most appropriate protection for their situation. In the end, Eric’s clients receive the best benefit they can have – peace of mind. This commitment to client service is one of the reasons he received recognition as an associate on the “Aflac Fast Track.”

An Aflac associate for three years, he previously worked as the Director of Development for an IT company, a background he puts to good use every day since one of Aflac’s principle values is using “new technology to better serve our policyholders.”

Born and raised in Australia, he has lived on three continents. Moving to northern Virginia fourteen years ago, Eric and his wife, Patricia, have two children, one of whom still lives at home. He is currently the President of the McLean Hamlet Community Association.

Soccer, skiing and movies occupy Eric’s free time. He is also a member of Business Networking International (BNI) where he has served his local chapter as Education Coordinator and Visitor Host.

Eric knows the value and necessity of supplemental insurance protection; this is what motivates him every day to reach out to more and more people with his message. “When the light bulb goes on and the client understands how I can help them, my great joy is knowing that I can provide them with a safety net should something go wrong.”

Eric became a customer of Tysons Automotive Specialties after meeting Tom Ivey through BNI. That was about a year ago and he couldn’t be happier with the experience he’s had there.

“I trust that the work that I get done will be necessary,” he said. When you are working with Tom you get honest information that you can trust and rely on.”

When asked what his greatest professional goal he has as an Aflac Associate, Eric is quick to say that it is serving his clients so well that they will refer him to others. “To be able to work solely through referrals,” he said, “shows that my clients believe and trust in me.”

To learn more about supplemental insurance with Aflac, you can contact Eric McGinley at eric_mcginley@us.aflac.com.

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