fo“I know how you feel” is easy to say, but Fred Ostovar, VP of Marketing and Business Development, really means it. As a managing partner of a small business, when he is talking with other small business owners, he really knows what they are facing in this competitive economy.

During his 5 years with NOVA Advertising, Fred has learned that growing a business can be demanding; at the same time, there are some great rewards. “I love being my own boss,” he said, “getting to work with my best friends and having a work environment that I truly enjoy. And what I enjoy most is being able to help businesses grow and achieve their goals by providing them effective solutions to increase their sales volume.”

Specializing in Website Design and Development, Online Marketing, and Marketing Communications, Fred and his partners at NOVA Advertising deliver quality results. He describes it as a complete corporate communications solution. “We have the ability and experience to provide the same high quality marketing services that full-fledged marketing departments provide to large companies.”

NOVA Advertising also provides specialized niche services for the medical, dental, legal professions through NOVA MedMarket ( and NOVA Legal Marketing (

Originally from Shiraz, Iran, Fred is a graduate of George Mason University in a Degree in Marketing. He is a newlywed of six months, he and his wife, Nadia, have settled into married life in Northern Virginia. He has a love for Persian Poetry and literature. Prior to NOVA Advertising, he worked for a government contractor, providing Middle East news summaries for the Department of Defense.

He enjoyed doing this work for the DOD as he has always had an interest in Middle Eastern politics, but his real interest, however, was marketing. Joining NOVA Advertising gave him the opportunity to utilize his marketing skills and to offer clients the personal attention he knows they will need to achieve their goals. “We truly care about the success of their business,” he stated, “and knowing that their success is directly related to our success and how we evaluate our work.

To help his business grow, Fred joined BNI and is currently the chairman of the membership committee for Tysons Referral Masters. This is the committee makes sure that membership responsibilities are being met in order to grow and sustain a healthy chapter with strong members.

Fred met Tom Ivey through his BNI chapter and he has been a satisfied customer of Tysons Auto since that time. “They are honest and don’t try to overcharge or confuse you with technical lingo,” he said. “I can count on Tom and his crew at Tysons Auto Specialties to keep my car in good shape since I’m always on the road and put a lot of miles on my car.”

Oh, did we mention that new Tysons Auto website was designed and developed by Fred and the professionals at NOVA Advertising? Please let Tom know how much you like his new site and he will pass on the good news.

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