The formula is very simple and straightforward: Take one part charity or non-profit organization you want to promote and add several portions of small business owners who want to assist in getting the message. You end up with a great publication called Community Magazine.

Joseph“Community Magazine” is the new venture by Joe Graif, who previously served as CFO for the Oakcrest School in McLean. He saw the need for a fresh way to promote charities and non-profit groups without putting the burden on them and decided to take a step of faith to help.
His company, SQ Publishing, LLC produces “Community Magazine” monthly. While each issue highlights a specific organization, the publicity is given to them free of charge, with the costs being picked up by small businesses that advertise in the publication.

Joe is no stranger to needs that many people have. As Director of Music and Liturgy at a Catholic parish in Washington, he has seen the trials and tribulations many face in today’s world.
He was also aware that often help is close by – from a local charity or non-profit group but most people may not even know it is there. This is where his magazine comes in, serving as a way for people to find the support they need.

The benefit for charities and non-profits comes from the economic engine harnessed by Joe – area small businesses who want to support them through advertising.
“Advertisers enjoy the double benefit of reaching a carefully selected audience/demographic while enjoying the low cost of an ‘ad mag,’” he indicated. “Their ad also serves to indicate their support of the highlighted charity and they are encouraged to include copy to that effect.”
When Joe isn’t sitting behind a computer keyboard, working on his new business, you will probably find him sitting behind another keyboard – an organ keyboard. In addition to his interest in church music, he has a deep love for theater organs and the part they have played in America’s entertainment history.

He even has an Allen theatre organ in his home studio. If you would like to get a small sample Joe at the Allen organ, you can click here.

A graduate of Columbia College with an MBA from Columbia University, Joe and his wife, Susan, have three children. He was originally from New York City but has made Fairfax his home for the past 25 years.

Joe has been a loyal customer of Tom Ivey and Tysons Auto Specialties for the past 20 years. “With Tom, I know that my work will be done well and at a reasonable price. Best of all, when I go there, I’m treated like family.”

If you are interested in knowing more about SQ Publishing and Community Magazine, you can contact him at Before you email Joe, however, be sure to watch his YouTube video. That way you can tell him how much you enjoyed his playing!

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