Meaghan Maillet with Connective Touch Massage Therapy

Some people have jobs, others have careers, Meaghan Maillet has a mission. Using therapeutic massage, her goal is to assist people who are trying to eliminate or prevent pain, recover from injury or reduce stress.

Meaghan’s spotlight article couldn’t have been written at a better time as she has just opened a new office, Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage, in Reston. She also has a new website that will soon go live at

With fourteen years in practice, she is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. She is also certified in Nuad Bo Rarn Thai Massage Levels I & II and certified by the CORE Institute of Tallahassee, Florida as a Sports Massage Therapist. In addition, she has received certification as a Personal Trainer by the National Council on Strength & Fitness.

“Along with my basic massage training,” she stated. “I have completed training in Advanced Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, and Orthopedic Massage.”

Born in Texas, Meaghan grew up in Virginia. “I have always considered myself a Virginian, except for the 15 years I lived in Miami. I have been back in Virginia since 2007.” She and her husband Kevin were married in 1998 and now live in Vienna.

Prior to beginning her work in massage therapy, she received a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and moved to Miami, Florida where she worked as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist in a psychiatric hospital, facilitating group and individual therapy sessions.

“I had worked in healthcare for almost 10 years, and, while I loved the work I did with my patients, I was becoming more and more frustrated by the healthcare system. As a massage therapist I get to help people live healthier lives without all of the bureaucracy.

“I get a great deal of satisfaction out of helping people learn how to take care of themselves and improve their overall sense of well-being. When people walk out of my office feeling better than when they walked in I’m happy!”

When she’s not helping her clients, Meaghan spends her time in conditioning and training as a runner and triathlete.

“I love being able to combine my passion for endurance sports and bodywork, participating in mid-long distance running and triathlon events. I am also a Washington Capitals fan and have been a season ticket holder since 2008.”

Meaghan gives back to the community, volunteering with Cause – Helping America’s Military Wounded. Through this organization she supplies free massage services to veterans and their families at Ft. Belvoir.

She also loves to travel, again with a desire to combine business and pleasure. “If I ever won the lottery I would love to travel around the world studying different cultures’ forms of bodywork.”

As a member of a BNI chapter, Tysons Referral Masters, Meaghan met Tom Ivey, who, by the way, is also a triathlete! Not long after that, she began taking her car to Tysons Auto Specialties.

“At Tysons Auto I am “Meaghan,” not Customer #12345 and I feel like I am being taken care of by a friend. I also feel that Tysons Auto thinks about my vehicle health the same way I think about my personal health. If you take the time and effort to perform basic maintenance, you’ll have a longer, healthier and happier life.”

So what is the one thing Meaghan wants to be sure her clients and potential clients understand? “I love what I do, and I honestly want to help each of my clients experience a healthy and happy lifestyle.” That is Meaghan’s mission.

For more information, you can contact her at

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