A little over three years ago the Tysons Auto Spotlight highlighted James Orsinger at Vienna Tech Help. Since that time three words have continued to put a smile on the faces of those who trust this growing local business, “There it works!”

At Vienna Tech Help, they just don’t want to get computers running; their goal is to keep them running and running well.

You may remember from our previous visit with James that he had not planned on establishing a computer repair and installation business. He was the owner of a successful welding and machine shop, but also had dabbled in computers since 1969. He always loved to learn how things worked, and the computer was no exception.

He became the “go-to guy” for family and friends when they had computer problems. The phone calls at his shop increasingly were about IT issues and not welding projects. As someone who enjoyed helping others, James decided to go with the flow and begin Vienna Tech Help.

James always enjoyed solving problems and helping people. “I can fix almost everything,” he liked to say, “except a broken heart.”

So, what’s new at Vienna Tech Help?

“I’ve added a certified technician, David Riordan,” James replied. “I’m really proud of him. He’s my nephew and was certified as an A+ Computer Technician two years ago with a 95% score. He’s good at figuring out new technology and has lots of hands on experience.”

“My goal,” James stated, “is to become the Tom Ivey of the computer repair business. Tom is the best in his field, and we hope we are best in ours.”

Between James and David, whatever type of computer you have, including mobile devices such as iPads and other tablets, they are able to help you keep equipment running in top condition.

One of his most popular features is his Computer Day Spa, where they are able to clean up, tune up and rev up your old computer. As James says, “It will probably run faster than when it was new!”

“Our emphasis this year,” he went on to explain, “is to get people to back up their data. Approximately 11% of hard drives die in the first year and laptops are especially vulnerable. We’ve seen too many heart-breaking cases of important files lost, including family photos, school projects, and even business client records.) Not only is data recovery expensive – it’s not always possible. We want to help our customers retain their important information long-term.”

In addition to taking a portion of the business burden off of James, David’s arrival has also given him a little more time to pursue his other passion – gardening. “I had a large vegetable garden this year,” he commented, “something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And don’t be surprised when you bring your computer to me, if you leave with something from my garden!”

A lifelong resident of the area, James has lived in downtown Vienna for 32 years. He, and his wife, Denis, have three grown children. A lifelong learner, he finished his Engineering degree in 1999, and has received the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Network+ Certification.

He is a member of BNI – Vienna Business Network, the Vienna-Tysons Chamber of Commerce, and coached the Madison High School Robotics Team from 2001 – 2005.

James continues to take his cars to Tysons Auto Specialties for repair. “As I said before, I want to be the Tom Ivey of computers. I used to do all the repairs myself but I know Tom and his staff are the best at what they do and what they can do in an hour would take me four. I enjoy having time for other things.”

For more information about James Orsinger and Vienna Tech Help, you can visit his website at: www.viennahelp.com.

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