With a background in marketing and management, Robbin Shefski has been helping the self-employed and entrepreneurs with their health insurance needs for the past nine years as an agent for the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE). She not only provides them with the health care support for her clients but connects them to an association that actively works at the national and state levels to protect the rights of those who have chosen to work for themselves.

Recently, the insurance carrier selected by NASE became Health Markets. While they are maintaining the association side of the company for those who are self-employed, through Health Markets Robbin can offer coverage to any individual who finds that he or she is in-transition, out of work, opted for early retirement or employed by a company too small to provide adequate group coverage.

As she says, “I can be a one-stop shop for individuals as well as small businesses! I can also provide Dental and Vision coverage as stand-alone policies for anyone.”

Robbin has recently added a new dimension to her career, venturing into the field of public speaking. As a specialist in entrepreneurism and self-employment, she is taking her keen ability to communicate and her enthusiasm in being with people to a higher level.

In February, she will be speaking at the George Mason University Enterprise Center for their Strategy and Hope Speaker Series. She has also begun accepting additional speaking invitations for the future.

Though she resides in the Sterling, Virginia area, Robbin uses Tysons Auto Specialties for all her car care requirements. When asked why she travels to Tysons for this service, she quickly replied, “Because I can trust Tom.”

“Our family has four cars – all different makes – and he can handle them all. He does what he says and has even turned business away, telling me I didn’t need to have something done.”

Robbin goes the extra mile for her clients and speaking engagements. She really likes the fact that Tom and his staff work the same way.

If you would like to contact Robbin Shefski about Health Markets or speaking to your group, you can contact her at: Robbin.Shefski@HealthMarketssales.com

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