Number cruncher… bean counter… counting consultants… There are lots of nicknames for accountants, but how about vision partner? Tiffany Kao, owner of Count ‘Em Beans, wants to be sure she knows her clients’ heart. She wants to know their dreams, challenges, hopes and frustrations.

“We understand it’s an intimate professional relationship,” Tiffany stated, “so we work hard to gain our client’s trust. Helping small business owners with a part of their business that they are not familiar with, in part, is helping them succeed in their business.”

Count ‘Em Beans fits a unique niche in accounting services, which provides a critical component to the growth and development of small businesses. As Tiffany describes it on their website,, they focus on practical bookkeeping solutions and unique accounting consultation to help sustain or grow small businesses or organizations.

“I am a CPA whose focus is day-to-day accounting operations,” she explained, “instead of tax accounting. That is what most CPA’s specialize in when they offer independent accounting services. While tax accounting is important, having a well-run accounting department is a requirement for a successful business, and that is what we do. In fact, that is all we do.”

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Tiffany has spent seven and a half years as a CPA in Northern Virginia. When she isn’t helping businesses with their financial needs she loves to travel and usually journeys outside of the United States at least once a year. She also enjoys reading books that are historical fiction, thrillers, or related to psychology. By visiting her website, we also learned that “Tiffany likes to say that she’s a ‘foodie’ but she really just enjoys good food and can’t tell you much more about it beyond that.”

She opened the doors at Count ‘Em Beans eighteen months ago after spending time with larger corporations, including time as an auditor for Deloitte and Baker Tilly and as an Accounting Manager for a $60M PR/Marketing firm located in DC, called DCI Group LLC.

“My background is in financial accounting for large companies; however, growing up in a family who thrived in small businesses, I wanted to be involved in small businesses rather than Fortune 500 companies. My studies and experience are in financial accounting so naturally, the focus of my first business is to offer bookkeeping services to small businesses.”

Tiffany met Tom Ivey through the Tyson Referral Masters chapter of Business Network International (BNI) and has trusted her car to the professionals at Tysons Auto Specialties ever since. “Tom is a reliable and trustworthy person,” Tiffany said, “and as a woman, I’ve had my share of talking to mechanics who are just trying to charge me the highest bill possible. Tom is honest and he has an honest crew.”

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