Do you dream of having your home really reflect your style and personality? Do you struggle knowing where to start when thinking of re-designing your home or even just a room?

Tony Ritchie is here to help. As an experienced interior designer, Tony is eager to hear to assist you in turning your dreams into reality. He works hard for you, ready to see the look on your face when you walk into the room that says, “This what I dreamed it would look like.”

Tony did not start out thinking he would be an interior designer, but always had a love for the arts and design. Born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, he graduated from Idaho State University with a fine arts degree in sculpture and painting.

“With a background in fine arts,” Tony explained, “a long time working construction and a bit of web/graphic design, interior design brings all the things I know and love together as one solid career.”

While living in London England he received a Professional Diploma in Interior Design from KLC School of Design. He interned with a number of leading English designers and then worked for Austin Interior Design in London. After returning to America in August of 2012 he went to work for Harrison Interiors located in Tysons Corner.

Tony stated, “I am one of the designers on staff. We offer a broad range of interior design services including consultation, full design plans, furniture sales, feng shui layouts, lighting design, accessories, staging to sell… Basically, making your home suit your needs the best way it can.

“Aside from making people’s home the perfect space to live in, I am the resident expert on green technology and lighting regulations. I also work very hard to keep projects on budget and provide the best products available within the budget.”

When asked what he thinks sets him apart in the design field, he responded, “I am a firm believer that the client’s style should be the seen in their finished space. Not mine. I am only there to interpret the client’s style and make it come to life in their space.”

Tony, and his wife Michelle, had lived in the greater Washington area prior to moving to London in 2009. He enjoys travel, theatre, music auto restoration or simply reading a good book on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea.

He is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design and Corcoran Gallery Contemporaries as well as the Tyson’s Referral Masters chapter of Business Network International (BNI).

Tony met Tom Ivey through another BNI member, Rick Mikszan, a State Farm Insurance Agent. He has a unique vantage point from which to really see the quality and professionalism of Tom and the staff at Tysons Auto Specialties.

“I have been working at Tom’s shop for the last couple of weeks and have witnessed the way he interacts with his clients and his team. He uses the perfect mix of professionalism and humor to put clients at ease and make them comfortable in his ability to handle any issues that arise with their cars. He also treats his staff with the utmost respect and care.”

The next time you are visiting Tysons Auto Specialties, be sure to ask Tom to show you what a fantastic job Tony did on their upstairs office!

Tony is at your service to assist with any of your interior design needs. He believes the highest compliment he could be paid is for a client to say, “I could never imagine this room looking any other way.”

To learn more about Tony and his work at Harrison Interiors, you can email him at Oh, one final thing. Tony said, “About my picture? Please know that I’m really never that serious!”

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